SFB-1491 - Cosmic Interacting Matters - Kick-off Meeting


Network of Energy-Matter Transfer

CRC Cosmic Interacting Matters (CIM)

Throughout the past century, the research field of astrophysics has undergone striking changes, widening the detectable electromagnetic spectrum from the lowest energies at radio wavelengths up to the highest gamma-ray energies. In most recent years, other messengers – in particular cosmic rays, neutrinos, and gravitational waves – have provided highly valuable pieces of information on the nonthermal and violent Universe. This type of multimessenger physics is now in transition to a precision science: on the one hand, the detection of elementary particles in astro(particle) physics is identified to significantly improve our knowledge of the nonthermal Universe and its signatures. On the other hand, the interpretation of these data is in need of precision input concerning the basic properties of matter, for once concerning the behavior of the ensemble (plasma physics), but also the interaction and decay properties of baryonic and dark matter (particle, astroparticle, and astrophysics).

In this CRC, we will systematically investigate the interplay of matter and energy with special consideration of plasma and particle physics; particular concern will be given to the energy transfer between magnetic fields, cosmic rays, baryonic matter, and dark matter. In doing so, we will decisively investigate the fundamental properties of matter needed to properly model and understand signatures of nonthermal emission in galaxies. By  bridging the gap between multiple different sub-disciplines in physics – astro-, plasma-, astroparticle-, and particle physics – we aim to reach the central goal of creating a unifying view on cosmic interacting matter.


  • May 30th - June 3rd 2022


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